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Diving into the world of NFTs

Pretty sure you've heard the term NFT pop up more than a few times as you scroll through your screens. You can hear both praise and hate for the term. Some saying it is the technology of the future while others say its just a jpeg that you can screenshot anyway. Anyway its grabbed my attention and now I'm going to research on it till I get bored of it. I hope the information provided here will be useful and if you would like to post any questions or


NFTs are a term that has been blowing up in my face for a few months now. I recently held a poll on my Instagram stories to see if it was something my circle would be interested in learning about.

I had a series of questions. Even amongst those who voted "no" for turning their artwork into NFTs, the most common reason was a lack of information. So I thought I'd make a series of blog posts documenting my understanding of NFTs as I continue to research on them

This post will briefly define some important terms related to NFTs which need to be understood to explain how NFTs are made, bought and sold.

What is an NFT?

The Blockchain

In future posts I hope to dive into more detail about the process of making an NFT

so stay tuned!


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